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You are not alone)

Satia is an 18-year-old girl who decides today to share with Omena her personal experiences on all types of psychological violence.

Today I’m going to talk to you about toxic relationships. My words are intended for all those who cannot manage to get by. You are not alone in the face of all of this. I understand you and I give you my testimony.

The first thing I would like to say is that you are great people who truly deserve the best that life has to offer. We don’t always realize we’re in a toxic relationship. Sometimes it’s never obvious. Those around us advise us to end this relationship but there is a feeling in us that prevents us from letting go of everything by giving ten million excuses and chances to the person. It forces us to hang on in the hope that it is by making a lot of efforts on our side that everything could work out.

Days and nights I did not eat. I cried for this person, I gave my all for this person knowing that this person really doesn’t give a damn about my feelings. A guy who doesn’t want to change on his own will never change no matter what you do because in the end you will be the only one to suffer.

I fought for my marriage, to turn the whole Earth over, to make all possible efforts so that the thread does not cut. To forgive. But I understood that all of this will never change a person who has no desire to put in the effort for you. Sometimes I would find myself exhausted and tired of my life and there was in me a desire to let go of everything.

At that moment when he felt he was losing me, he did little things to turn my brain around. I was so happy but manipulated. It was stupid but I fell into the trap.

It’s true it hurts from the inside: all these hopes but I stopped wasting my time when I understood that unrequited love is toxic love, love or sadness is fear follow you at all times.

But I got through it, I learned to recognize my values, to have respect and esteem for myself.

I promise you will feel a weight take off from you when you are finally ready to dedicate yourself and break away from this “tumor.”

Let us know how to love ourselves as we are and accept each other. Let us know how to forgive the person for all the pain they have inflicted on us. It is essential to move on, because to hold a grudge would be to keep a horrible memory hidden in our heart and conscience. Let us know how to wait and do not force ourselves to find in a person our ideal because the ideal we will not have to seek it but it will come to us.

“Happiness is not easy. It is difficult to find it in oneself but it is impossible to find it in others ”-Bouddhas –

Satia farez

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