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We wanted to discuss emotional abuse in relation to the continuous need for women empowerment. Studies have shown that women and children are more likely to be victims of emotional abuse compared to men, which can, unfortunately, lead to a barrier in future endeavors, jeopardizing their successes. As a matter of fact, psychological and verbal abuse affects one’s self-esteem, which can deeply hinder one’s personal development and the right to dignity. Taking all that into consideration,  we realized that the work we are doing is not only relevant to children in schools but tapping into a different generation is equally important.

This time, we were able to partner with the Go Women Project organization – a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to empowering Malagasy women in different areas of life. The discussion around emotional abuse and how it affects women in the professional world was brought forward through a women-only conference.

We exchanged knowledge with each other and learned more deeply about emotional abuse itself, how to detect it, its consequences, and how to react to this scourge that plagues the empowerment of women. Thank you for having us Go Women Project!