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Empowering Communities Through Emotional Education

Our Journey in the U.S.

Founded by Francesca Raoelison, a Brown University alumna, Omena U.S. is driven by the mission to break the cycle of emotional abuse and enhance mental health through innovative social-emotional learning. With a deep-rooted passion for creating safer, more supportive environments, our programs reach out to schools, universities, and communities across the United States.

Impactful Initiatives in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, we’re making strides by integrating our social-emotional learning programs into local schools and universities. Our workshops focus on empowering individuals with the tools to recognize and address emotional abuse, fostering a generation that’s aware, empathetic, and resilient.
Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships

Collaborating with Rhode Island educational institutions to tailor programs that resonate with both students and educators.

Community Sessions

Engaging workshops and sessions that bring crucial conversations about emotional health to the forefront of community awareness.

Impactful Initiatives Across the USA

Leader in Advocacy: Actively participating in national conferences, including the Clinton Global Initiative in New York and expert panels for USAID in Washington DC, to advocate for the importance of mental health and emotional well-being.

USAID Sponsored event on “Supporting Youth Mental Health and Well Being»

Speaker at Conference organized by Prevent Child Abuse America

Join Us

Be a part of the movement. Whether you’re an educator, a student, or a community member, your involvement can drive change. Here’s how you can join our efforts:

Become an Ambassador

Help us spread awareness and educate others within your community.

Partner with Us

Collaborate with Omena as an organization partner to implement programs in your area.

Speaker Engagements

Invite our team to speak at your event to share insights and strategies on combating emotional abuse.

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