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Meet Our Board Members and Advisors

Back in my country, Madagascar, the only form of abuse that I could recognize was physical abuse. Once in America, 5 years ago, I learned through my training as a Peer Educator that violence often begins with emotional abuse, gradually increasing to violent physical abuse. Through my research, I discovered I was not the only one with a limited definition of abuse. I started being passionate about the subject. I was mind blown by all the things I found out that I decided to share about it. That’s how “Omena” came about.

omena movement

Board Members and Advisors

Dr. Katie Rosanbalm

Ph.D. Psychology – child specialisation at Duke University

Jean Bosco Niyonzima

Save the children – international school for international training

Elizabeth Macleod

Co-Founder, SEL institute – harvard school of education 

Alan Harlam

Social Entrepreneurship Professor – Brown University 

Chantal Raholimalala

World vision – financial analyst 

David sul

Psychometrician – sul & Associates international

Laura peterson

Save the children – managing director 

jim seymour

impact investing – mba harvard 

jaya sarkar

inclusion and human rights specialist – school for international training