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Running a Global Youth-Led Nonprofit in the New Normal.

Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for nonprofit organizations like ours. From lost funding to increased need for services, and the cost of PPE (Personal protective equipment), this pandemic has made it difficult for many essential nonprofit organizations to stay in operation.

Here at Omena, we have been operating remotely long before the Era of Covid-19. Having our headquarter in the USA, we have had to find innovative ways to start and continue our work in education and advocacy to help end the cycle of emotional abuse in Madagascar and around the world.

Omena is more than just a nonprofit, it is a global movement shaped by our more than 150 volunteers scattered in 13 different countries, who come from all walks of life, as well as our community of thousands of engaged followers, students, and collaborators. Our youth-led, global initiative is one particularly suited for the modern age and for this unique moment in history because we understand the importance of utilizing social media and communications technology to spread awareness about our mission. We are active on almost all social media platforms under Omenamovement. Therefore, we can reach people all over the world and interact with new members regardless of their location, and they can join seamlessly from wherever they are. (Feel free to follow our Medium account and check out our blog posts on our website:

In the last year, we have also transitioned almost all of our operations to remote, meaning we conduct meetings, create content, communicate with one another, and even hold some educational and support programs through Zoom and other video communication platforms.

We keep track of every project that needs to be completed each week using Trello, RACI Matrix, and each team meets over Zoom at least once a week to discuss how everything is going. The teams are always in contact over WhatsApp or Messenger to discuss our projects or collaborations, our developing education programs and content, and the general operation of Omena.

Although operating remotely has its challenges, it also has its benefits, especially for a youth-led, innovative movement like Omena. At a time when it was difficult to find new connections, Omena enabled members to build relationships. We have created stronger bonds and safe spaces not only for members of our community, but we have also extended our support and outreach to other youth-led organizations around the world. Francesca, our Founder, has figured out ways to break the ice and allow people from around the world to get to know each other while working towards our common goal — breaking the cycle of emotional abuse.

  • Kate Harrison

Kate is a senior in college, studying international relations. She hopes to attend law school in the future. She is part of the digital marketing team at Omena, as well as part of the fundraising committee. Kate enjoys spending time with friends and family and going for long walks with her dog, Chase. She currently resides in Vermont.

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